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New Year, New You

Posted December 5, 2019

Active New Year’s Resolutions That Might Stick

Once “Auld Lang Syne” is over and the cleaning crew has swept up the confetti from the ballroom, what’s your plan for the New Year? New Year’s resolutions have plagued people with far-reaching commitments only to have them say, “Oh well, I’ll try again next year.” But what if you made resolutions that aren’t impossible to accomplish? Next year, start small and see where it leads you. Worcester County has plenty of ways you can keep your resolution. From surfing lessons to learning the art of glassblowing, here are New Year’s resolutions that stick.

I resolve to: Tap into my artistic side.If you lead a busy life, you often forget to pause and take time to be creative. For this year’s resolution, change that and explore your creative side. Take an art class at Art League of Ocean City, where you can learn everything from watercolor painting to pottery making. Many of the art classes’ hours are easy to work with since they’re in the evening, just in time for people getting off work. The classes are taught by skilled individuals who can teach many mediums like oil painting or bookbinding. In addition to the adult classes, the Art League offers kids classes, making it ideal for parents to bring their kids in while they head to the adult art class.

I resolve to: Take up surfing.Let’s admit it, we all secretly wish we could be a surfer. Worcester County is known for its fabulous shores that bring in near-perfect waves for beginners. Wave Riding School in Ocean City offers classes from amateur to professional levels, and all of the instructors are masters in their sports. Wow your friends and family when you post a photo of yourself catching a wave on a board in the new year. With a few surfing lessons, it won’t be long before you’re riding the waves like a pro. As an alternative to surfing, the school offers bodyboarding, stand-up boogie boarding, skim and paddleboard surfing.

I resolve to: Try something out of my comfort zone.You’ll never know if you have a little Dale Chihuly in you unless you try. Take up glassblowing at Jeffrey Auxer Designs in Berlin, a charming art studio that offers courses as well. The classes welcome everyone from age four and up (parents, you’ll want to bring along the kids) to learn the art of glassblowing. While there, you can pick out your favorite colors and create a design for an ornament to take home. The ornaments can be fantastic souvenirs to keep as decor or for your Christmas tree, plus they make thoughtful gifts. The more you visit the glassblowing studio, you can enhance your skills by tackling larger pieces like vases and bowls of many colors.

I resolve to: Do the Craft Beer Challenge I’ve been wanting to do for years.Why go geocaching when you can do the Craft Beer Challenge of Worcester County? Download the Shore Craft Beer app in the Apple Store or Google Play before you start the challenge, and then visit as many local breweries and bars to sample their craft beers. Take a selfie of yourself with the beer to “check in” on the app. The more you do it, the higher your shot is at winning the Craft Beer Challenge. Winners get prizes like a $25.00 gift card to a local business, T-shirts and an honorable mention in the Champions Gallery. Some of the must-stop places include seafood restaurants like The Shrimp Boat and Blue Crab House & Raw Bar, where you can enjoy a pint paired with some of Worcester County’s best shellfish delicacies. 

I resolve to: Try my hand at birding.Your New Year’s resolution can be as simple as becoming a birder. Engage in a game of seeing how many species of birds you can spot around the Maryland shore. A good place to start learning about the local birds is through eBird, an online database that tells you all the 388 species in the area, their descriptions, behavior and where exactly to find them. The birds you can spot in the county include bald eagles, buffleheads, Cooper’s hawk, eastern screech-owl, and red-bellied woodpeckers. At the beginning of the year, grab the county’s free birder’s checklist to log all the birds you’ll see and see what you’ve spotted once the year ends. 

I resolve to: Master a physically challenging rope course.In Berlin, Frontier Town is a pioneer-themed adventure park where guests can whiz through the wilderness at an incredible speed. The zip line obstacles cater to visitors of different levels. After a few practices, you’ll be swinging through the trees like Tarzan in no time. If you fear heights, this is a great way to conquer it. The park also has a miniature golf course, water park and a campground to spend the night.

I resolve to: Meet the wild horses of Assateague Island.Did you know there’s an app you can download to help you ID the wild and famous horses of Assateague Island? Download Assateague Horse ID and visit the park to find one of these gorgeous long-locked creatures before taking a photo (from afar, of course). The app will identify the horse in the picture and tell you his/her name, what their personality traits are like and what their favorite things are. In the new year, become familiar with the team and name them from memory after a few visits.

I resolve to: Finally earn those sea legs. The benefit of being in Worcester County is not only having a beautiful stretch of land but also the open majestic sea to explore. Take up boating by renting one from various places like Bayside Boat Rentals or Ocean City Marlin Club. You have the benefit of going to the best fishing spots on your boat and staying out until sunset to watch the stunning pink sky kiss Worcester County good night.

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