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Chesapeake Ghost Tours

in Marion Station Maryland

Chesapeake Ghost Tours on Maryland’s Eastern Shore is the largest cluster of heritage walks in America. Eleven year-round night-time walks – from St. Michaels to Denton to Berlin and Ocean City to the Great Pocomoke Forest. The walking tours are scattered over 100 linear miles on the Delmarva Peninsula and offer guests a 1.5 to 2-hour storytelling session about the history and mysteries of the Eastern Shore. All stories are based on historical research, and many of the 130 sites on these tours still have paranormal activity today.

Each walking tour features a nighttime walk through an old graveyard (except Ocean City. No graveyards in Ocean City.) and is guided by a trained storyteller who is passionate not only about the stories, but about explaining the strange energies and events that happen in this wide-open, mostly undeveloped landscape that is still the most rural part of the Eastern part of the United States.

The Ghost Walks are storytelling events where guests are led on a walk with stops at 7 to 12 properties with a haunted history. Most still have paranormal activity. The Storyteller will talk about the history of the site, the paranormal activity or haunting associated with the site, and what people say today about the haunted activity. We do not enter properties.

These ghost walks are not “ghost hunts” and we do not guarantee a ghost sighting or a paranormal experience. We do, however, believe that the hauntings are real and that the highly intuitive may be able to sense beings from the eternal world.

Chesapeake Ghost Tours
5775 Charles Cannon Road
Marion Station, Maryland
(443) 735-0771

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